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For Aspiring Mom-Business Owners

Despite the fact that we have moved to http://www.vbmpro.com/blog, this is just too exciting to not to share with you in case you are yet to move over to the new blog:-)

Some statistics about women in business are simply mind-blowing. The sky is the limit for those who decide to monetize their passions, follow their dreams and do it the right way right from the start. Hear it for yourself by clicking on the video’s play button.

You’ll also hear why, when and how I’ll be sharing a ton of juicy content for those moms who want to start their own business. I am really excited for this opportunity and I can’t wait to spill all the beans!

(pssst… here’s the link you’ll be asked to click on to learn even more…)


How to Win Back The Superstar Clients Who Have Left – If You Want Them Back…

Sometimes your superstar clients leave… They might come back. But here’s what you can do to make their decision to return a worth wile – if you want them back, that is…


And in case you missed it:

We moved

We moved, and you’re invited to come with us!

From now on, we’ll be blogging at www.vbmpro.com/blog

We Moved!

We moved

We moved, and you’re invited to come with us!

From now on, we’ll be blogging at www.vbmpro.com/blog


To your success, expansion and peace of mind,



4 Steps to Turning Your Offline Connections into Paying Clients?

TeamworkAre you looking for more clients? Do you ever wonder how to move your offline connections into your online world and, ideally, turn them into paying clients or referral source?

If you are like thousands of other entrepreneurs and business owners you know how important it is to get from behind a computer screen and show your face at various networking events. Once there, you connect with a ton of people but not all of them fit your criteria of an ideal client. That’s fine because it’s those people who may turn out to be your most valuable assets in growing your business. How?

1. Initiate the connection

The first step in the process is to initiate the connection and invite that particular person an option to connect with you online. For example, after meeting him or her, take a few moments and send a (personalized) email to each person you interacted with (this is supposed to be a common curtsey but a very few people actually follow up). In the email invite them to follow you on the social media and to subscribe to your newsletter. Be very specific in listing the benefits of doing so and what they can expect (answer their “What’s in it for me?”)

2. Maintain the relationship

Once people become members of your online community, engage with them. There are numerous ways to do so, but these are just a few:

–       Share their content on your platforms (of course, give them the credit)
–       Tag them in your updates
–       Share with them information you believe would be valuable to them and their business

3. Check in

Periodically, every few weeks or months check in with them. Pick up the phone and ask how they have been. Inquire about their business and offer to be their eyes and ears if they’re looking for any specific type of client or project. Do not turn this into a sales call, in fact – leave yourself out of the equation.

“Now how will this benefit my business,” you may wonder. Think about it – how do you feel when somebody checks in and offers to do the same for you? You feel inclined to return the favor, and that person is on the top of your mind for quite some time, right? Well, you’ll achieve the same effect.

Keep in mind that many times the people you meet are not your clients but will more likely become your referral sources.

4. Implement a referral program

People are more likely to refer you if they know there’s something in it for them. You may chose to pay them a fixed referral fee, a certain percentage of a value from the signed contract, or to send them a gift card. The decision is yours.

But first and foremost, the base for any type of working relationship is trust. Building trust takes time so be patient and give before you can ask to receive.

What is your “proven formula”? Share it with us on my Facebook Page.


How To Give Your Business a Facelift

Off the charts Do you feel your website no longer represents you and your business? Did you “outgrow” your original business plan? Do you need to get your business back on tract in order to meet your long-term goals?

You’re not alone and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you and your business. I often hear entrepreneurs feel almost “guilty for allowing their business slide”. But the reality is, many times, being a business owner is a journey of trial and error; in a service providing business especially, and when a business owner is deeply connected with the services. As humans, we all change, grow and evolve. And so do businesses. As we go along, we see what works and what doesn’t; what our clients want and what we thought they would want; we discover new, better ways of running our businesses, offering our services, marketing ourselves. And these are the changes that can eventually lead into re-branding the business.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ― Thomas A. Edison

This is exactly where I am with my business now. (Today, I’ll focus on services and save the visual aspect for another time.) There are many services that I have offered initially that I no longer provide – there was no demand for them or they simply turned out to be unsustainable. On the other hand, I have repackaged some of the most sought-after ones and added new ones by demand. Growing a business is all about how quickly you react, and how well can you predict your clients’ next move (before they even know they’ll make it).

At this point, I would like to proudly introduce to you my two new products people have been asking for. Besides the virtual business management – Get It Done – these two services are now available to busy business owners:

–       Pick My Brain: you know the super flattering feeling when people keep asking you out for a lunch or coffee to pick your brain? It means they trust you and value your opinion to the point where they want to know all the ins and outs and how-tos of your business (or life) so they can apply them to their own. Luckily, all those requests were simply taking me away from my clients’ project too often and so it was clear that a Pick My Brain service is well over due. So now I am still available for brain picking and happy to share all I know, just with a little twist.

–       Coaching: this was another highly demanded expertise. It started with occasional calls from my clients, “Hi Sara, how do I change the name of my Facebook Page?” or “Sara, I tried to create a Constant Contact campaign but the email is not linking to the landing page, how do I fix that?” and escalated into “I don’t know where my days go and I have nothing to show for, Sara how can I get stuff done and still have a life?” So here are the four couching programs currently available.

Stay tuned because more exciting changes are on the way and I am super thrilled to be able to share them with you.

So, is your business ready for some serious reevaluation, reassessment and a facelift?

I came across this terrific blog-tutorial by another acclaimed business owner who went through the process of Strategic Planning Process. Here’s A Peek Inside Live Your Message HQ by Marisa Murgatroyd: “Strategic planning IS the process of creating the business you see in your mind’s eye. It’s the process of bringing that vision to life from vision and inspiration to clients and revenue. And it’s something that you can do not just once a year, but every day – whether that’s plotting your big picture Master Plan for World Domination or prioritizing your To Do list for the day around the outcomes you want to achieve.”

Tell me, when did you realize your business needs some serious facelift and how did you approach the process? Was the result of the “new you” what you have hoped for?


What Do You Need to Know About The Social Media

With a little help from my connections on Pinterest, here is all you need to know about the Social Media – explained in pictures and numbers:

– Why to Embrace it
– Who uses it
– And what’s the difference among all the platforms

Why to embrace Social Media

Active SM users

SM explained

To see more, check out my pins on Pinterest, updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter.


Get Unstuck Part 3 of 3 – Step Back and See the Big Picture

SMALL-BUSINESS-STRUCTURE-organizational-chartNot so long ago, I read an e-book about how to monetize a message. The author is a successful business consultant and website developer and she brought up an excellent point. As a business owner (solopreneur or an employer), you constantly think about your business: its goals, struggles, all the to-dos, what needs to be improved, etc. Determined to make your business the best it can be, you work coaches or consultants, attend seminars in the areas of improvement, listen to webinars, and sign up for any appropriate free e-book you can find, correct? We all do that and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proactive and resourceful. However, many business owners get stuck because they only receive one piece of a puzzle. I see this often with my clients, and the above-mentioned e-book author sees it with her clients.


In order to succeed not just in business, but in any area, seeing the bug picture is crucial. For example: one of the keys to attract more clients is to become visible and market yourself, most often through your website, Facebook Page, Twitter and LiknkedIn profiles, a blog and newsletter. But none of the how-to-build-your-own-website or put-your-marketing-on-autopilot-in-3-steps type of webinars will yield any new clients unless there is cohesiveness in all that you do: you have clearly defined goals, objectives and strategies.

–       What do you want to achieve with your website?
–       Should your FB Page generate new leads or be engaging for your existing clients?
–       How to convince people to give you their email-address so you can send them your newsletters and special promotions?

You must be clear on your purpose, clientele and brand messaging.

So be careful and make sure you have all this in mind when you resort to all the resources available to you.


Making sure you stay on the top of your game, continuously improving your business and coming up with new and new ways to grow can quickly become overwhelming. How often do you feel as if you have developed a tunnel vision and have become frustrated because you just can’t seem to put all the pieces together? Many times, all you need is to take a step back. Take a breather. Disconnect.

Arianna Huffington, chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, for example, she implemented nap rooms within her company so her staff to take power naps during the workweek. She know that this helps them stay sharp and creative. Many other highly successful leaders and CEOs actually schedule a quiet, brainstorming time into their daily itinerary. They don’t do anything in order to allow their creative juices to flow, and to think.

While this approach may seem to be counterproductive, the researches have shown that everybody needs that quiet time. How often has this happened to you: when your mind is focused on something completely unrelated to your business, issues, goals you strive to achieve, you get it. While you’re playing with your kids or surfing the waves of the Pacific or planting shrubs in your backyard – it trucks you like lighting. The big idea. The answer you were looking for. It all seems to be clear and you’re ready to dive right into taking an action, taking your business to the next level. You just got unstuck!

Tell me, do you have any special approaches to finding the answer, to brainstorming, to seeing the bigger picture? And if you’re in a need for help, contact me and we’ll get you unstuck.

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