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Off the charts Do you feel your website no longer represents you and your business? Did you “outgrow” your original business plan? Do you need to get your business back on tract in order to meet your long-term goals?

You’re not alone and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you and your business. I often hear entrepreneurs feel almost “guilty for allowing their business slide”. But the reality is, many times, being a business owner is a journey of trial and error; in a service providing business especially, and when a business owner is deeply connected with the services. As humans, we all change, grow and evolve. And so do businesses. As we go along, we see what works and what doesn’t; what our clients want and what we thought they would want; we discover new, better ways of running our businesses, offering our services, marketing ourselves. And these are the changes that can eventually lead into re-branding the business.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ― Thomas A. Edison

This is exactly where I am with my business now. (Today, I’ll focus on services and save the visual aspect for another time.) There are many services that I have offered initially that I no longer provide – there was no demand for them or they simply turned out to be unsustainable. On the other hand, I have repackaged some of the most sought-after ones and added new ones by demand. Growing a business is all about how quickly you react, and how well can you predict your clients’ next move (before they even know they’ll make it).

At this point, I would like to proudly introduce to you my two new products people have been asking for. Besides the virtual business management – Get It Done – these two services are now available to busy business owners:

–       Pick My Brain: you know the super flattering feeling when people keep asking you out for a lunch or coffee to pick your brain? It means they trust you and value your opinion to the point where they want to know all the ins and outs and how-tos of your business (or life) so they can apply them to their own. Luckily, all those requests were simply taking me away from my clients’ project too often and so it was clear that a Pick My Brain service is well over due. So now I am still available for brain picking and happy to share all I know, just with a little twist.

–       Coaching: this was another highly demanded expertise. It started with occasional calls from my clients, “Hi Sara, how do I change the name of my Facebook Page?” or “Sara, I tried to create a Constant Contact campaign but the email is not linking to the landing page, how do I fix that?” and escalated into “I don’t know where my days go and I have nothing to show for, Sara how can I get stuff done and still have a life?” So here are the four couching programs currently available.

Stay tuned because more exciting changes are on the way and I am super thrilled to be able to share them with you.

So, is your business ready for some serious reevaluation, reassessment and a facelift?

I came across this terrific blog-tutorial by another acclaimed business owner who went through the process of Strategic Planning Process. Here’s A Peek Inside Live Your Message HQ by Marisa Murgatroyd: “Strategic planning IS the process of creating the business you see in your mind’s eye. It’s the process of bringing that vision to life from vision and inspiration to clients and revenue. And it’s something that you can do not just once a year, but every day – whether that’s plotting your big picture Master Plan for World Domination or prioritizing your To Do list for the day around the outcomes you want to achieve.”

Tell me, when did you realize your business needs some serious facelift and how did you approach the process? Was the result of the “new you” what you have hoped for?


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