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(Guest post by Randi Bale)


How many times have you become overwhelmed with all the details in your work and life that you feel frustrated, exhausted – and many times, downright defeated?

There are reasons for the way you feel and more importantly, there are ways to fix it. Before you get to the point of wanting to throw in the towel, ask for help. Help can come in many different forms – a life or work coach, administrative support, research assistance, technology or social media expertise, a family member or friend who can pick up the kids from school, etc. Depending on the demands of your everyday life, the list can go on and on.

Once you relinquish control and ask for help, you can finally be in what is called your “zone.” Being in your zone means operating in an aligned place of who you really are and your talents so you not only excel, but are so excited, engaged and absorbed in what you are doing that you forget about time and space. Positive psychologists call this “being in your flow” in which what you are doing doesn’t feel like work at all because you are functioning at a high level of consciousness giving you sharp focus so you can make the most impact in your business and/or personal life.

Assuring you get the help you need means communicating the advantage as well as expectations to whoever is guiding or supporting you. This gets everyone on board so the probability of conflict decreases. Selecting the right person who understands your relationship boundaries is key (ie, are you the person of authority or are you getting support from someone who is your peer only with a different skill set?). Agreeing on goals and vision is also paramount. The old adage “Because I said so” just isn’t going to work in the workplace or home any longer, especially if you want engagement and cooperation from others. Feel free to monitor and re-monitor the progress and auto-correct as needed, and then let go so the person you selected can do his or her part and play the role you have selected them for.

Once you defined proper (and  healthy) support systems and put them in place, you can operate in your flow which is not only good for you, but also for the people supporting you. The situation gives other professionals the opportunity to be in their “zone” and gives employees and family members a “stake in the game”  – which allows collaboration, engagement and success.

We cannot be all things to all people – and certainly not all at the same time. The next time you are working in your zone having allowed yourself to get support from the right people, you can be completely present and see your career and life go to extraordinary places. So start letting go and delegating today so you can continue shining in your own light.

Randi Bale
WorkStyle and LifeStyle Strategist
“Simplify to Amplify.”
Randi BaleAfter more than twenty years partnering with clients in corporate and at home to define goals and design professional and personal strategies, Randi has recognized the need for professionals who are overwhelmed with lack of time, organization  and clarity at work and at home to get more focused, organized and energized. Randi provides tools, systems, insight, strategies and — most importantly — the right mindset to simplify, organize and streamline their day. Not only do they get more done and feel more fulfilled, but the end result is that they’re a lot more successful at work and life. RandiBale.com

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