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Did you just invest your precious time into creating your Facebook Page (finally) – only to find out that the Facebook Search can’t even find it?

That’s exactly what happened to a person I recently spoke to. She is a successful businesswoman, very busy, so any minute she has to spend on Facebook, trying to figure it out, is not only upsetting her, but it takes her away from her business and clients.

If you find yourself in the same position, this is why you cannot find your own Page:
In order for Facebook’s algorithm to find a new Page, one needs to be active on it. In the case of my interlocutor, she had only updated the cover page, but gave FB no content to leverage.

Here’s how you can fix the issue. As soon as you create your Page,
– Post links to relevant articles, your blog posts
– Post your favorite quotes
– Post a one-sentence quick tips (how-tos, statistics, etc.) for your target audience
– Share the page on your site
– Invite your friends (connections from your personal profile) to visit and like your Page

Here is a quick video about it.

I know you’re super busy and any moment you need to spend fixing Facebook glitches can be a great distraction to your day. I suggest you designate 5 minutes, 3 times a day, and post a relevant content. Within a couple of days, Facebook’s search engine will recognize your Page. If it’s your business Page, you’ll be also able to designate it as your employer/work as well.

Here are some additional posting guidelines by Stuffedweb.

Last but not least, Social Media Today recently published this interesting statistic – Female Audience Activation, Optimal Post Time Matrix.

Audience Activation

Tell me, are there any other Facebook issues that are diverting your focus, time and energy? Let’s talk and solve them.


Comments on: "Where’s Your New Facebook Page? 4 Tips for Making it Searchable" (2)

  1. Useful post Sara! Facebook search creates many problems for businesses – especially for new pages.

    One thing to add – You must check that no restrictions are set within your page settings. You will not appear in the search results if you have any restrictions.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Sam! Yes, you’re absolutely right and thanks for bringing attention to Permission Settings of a Page.

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