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900_10151710508408504_2067938910_nThis photo, a courtesy of an unknown author, was circulated on Facebook and must have been seen and discussed by hundreds or perhaps even thousands of people by now.

What do you think, was this a hones (yet unfortunate) mistake, or a deliberately designed sticker to create a little bit of a buzz?

As Entrepreneur.com published, not every publicity is a good publicity because “our message is wasted on an audience that doesn’t care about you or your news. Worse yet is when those who are interested conduct a search for information about your business or related news, they’re pointed to a media outlet that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you. This deflects readers away from your site and devalues your news and brand.”

Would you agree? Were you ever able to turn an unfortunate event or publicity into advantage for you and your business?


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