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Merry Christmas!

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it is this time of a year when we reflect on the past year, focus on all the positive, and map out our plans for the upcoming year.

206321226650330928_MqFpYiff_cHere is a neat yet simple idea to help you preserve all the positive and memorable moments (personal and professional): take an empty jar and collect in it notes about those special happenings. At the end of the year, read through the saved notes to see what an amazing year it has been.

If I were to choose the absolutely most amazing and positive note in my jar for 2012, it would read: “Welcome to this world, my sweet little baby girl. I will love you forever and for always, more than you’ll ever know.”
What would your notes say? And tell me, what do you wish you’ll be reading about a year from now?


Comments on: "Jar of Positivity and Inspiration" (2)

  1. Sara, I absolutely LOVE this idea! What better way to focus on all of the positives to keep us going! I’ll be sharing this one:) Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Alicia, thank you for sharing this! I hope you had wonderful holidays and that New Year will be happy, healthy, full of joy and prosperous!

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