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typingYesterday’s Gmail and Facebook blackouts made me wonder whether or not we, and consequently businesses, became too reliant on the Social Media. Did you notice the outages? How they impacted you or your business?

While I wasn’t among the Gmail “victims”, the “page not found” message in place of my Facebook’s News Feed took me by surprise. What do you mean, “not found”? The mainstream media didn’t report anything, so I resorted to another real-time, interactive network – Twitter. I have to admit that some of the tweets were pretty hilarious (although sadly true):

@ChapperzTV: Facebook isn’t working… clearly the start of the end of the world. #facebook #2012 #endoftheworld
@tatumvay: Man, #Facebook is down and I need to harvest my crops on Farmville… #2008problems
@mdariani: Facebook down!productivity level all over the world increases by 180% #facebook

So, can we function without the Social Media in this day and age?

Jason Cercone argues that we cannot: “Twitter allows us to share, learn, and converse. Foursquare allows us to let all of our friends, on multiple networks, know where we are located this very second.  YouTube lets us tap into the power of videos, nearly commercial-free. Linked In gives us a social network coupled with a professional resume. Blogs lets us fully express ourselves on any topic, in any genre. And Facebook lets us do all these things and more.”

What implications does this have on businesses?

Businesses can and should leverage the available information to build brand recognition, grow customer loyalty and to consequently generate sales. Even the B2B businesses need to establish their presence. Although Tom Searcy wrote this article a couple of months ago,  the utilization of the Social Media for business purposes hasn’t change much and the businesses can still utilize the collected information about the prospects, trends, profile the target market, connect with the audience and more.

Therefore, businesses undoubtedly need to leverage the information available through the Social Media in order to gain the much-needed competitive advantage in the already saturated marketplace.

Do you agree? How do you utilize the Social Media for the business purposes? Share with me on the VBM Pro Facebook Page.


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