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What is that you want – I mean, really, really want to achieve in your life and business? So, what’s your excuse for not getting there?

We all say to ourselves “OK, tomorrow, I will start working out!” or “On January 1st, I will start the new diet” or “When I make the 10th sale in a week, I’ll treat myself to a massage…” Sounds familiar? While it’s important to set goals and reward ourselves for achieving them (imagine it being a game, just to make it a bit more fun), this attitude just justifies an excuse for not starting right now. And believe me, I had my fair share of them. However, I began to feel as if something was missing even though so much has happened in my life over the past couple of years and despite all the blessings I could count…

So I sat down to rethink some things in a quest to better my business and myself, and really thought about what I want to get out of it all. In an effort to think of a way to get there, I resorted to assessing my current situation, envisioning the ideal future and then equipping myself with tons of terrific material (books, articles, research, etc.) to help me “get there”. I realized I have been making tons of excuses when it came to one particular part of my life and that the weird feeling was due to an imbalance.

If anything, I have learned two things from being an athlete: the first thing I have learned is that we need to commit to success and focus on it. There, I was focused solely on the two “projects” – on the business growth and on my newborn.

The second thing I have learned: balance. Despite the fact that I am a go-getter who goes and makes things happen, I left myself out of the equation when it came to exercising which used to be a huge part of who I was and who I am now. I know, you think how is this possible for someone who used to be an athlete for over 15 years… Exactly – used to be…

Oddly enough, I always came up with an excuse for note working out – I was now a former athlete no one expects to be in a top shape; the gym memberships were more I wanted to pay; the weather wasn’t ideal for a runs outside; then it was a lack of time due to my daily commute; then it was my pregnancy; and business meetings, assignments, lack of time, bad weather… You name it I used it.

Something tells me that you know exactly how this feels and that sometimes all it needs is a little tiny click in your head and, all of the sudden, the motivation, the energy and the inspiration are back and you are getting things done.

Surprisingly enough, once I re-established that inner balance, cleared my mind of excuses and re-focused, all the good things started to happen. And I am not writing this to brag about it, but with a hope that you find just that extra little push and go after your dreams…  I would love to know what motivates you and what good things have happened to you.


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