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After taking a short break from networking in order to recover from childbirth and to bond with my baby, I not only resumed all of my activities, but I also took on a role as a local president of one of the national networking associations. Plenty to write about! Just when I was trying to decide what to focus on in this blog, I came across a terrific article on charisma, and here you have it:

Do your appearance, networking and public speaking skills do justice to your business and services?

Practice makes perfect, they say, and so I have been constantly improving my approach to networking, elevator pitch, a system for follow-up, etc. In addition, I have been making mental notes of what are some of the approaches to networking that seem to be the most beneficial to the attendees. Recently, it was finally the time to put my theory into practice and see the results.

Mingling, chatting and exchanging ideas and business goals was something the attendees of “my event” said they enjoyed very much. But to optimize their exposure, each attendee also gave the elevator speech in front of the group. Have you ever done it? Some of the attendees “nailed it” as they made a great impression, were clear and very engaging. Others had a terrific presence that made it up for a poorly constructed and delivered message. Then some had a terrific infomercial (if put on paper), but were slouched, looking down and could barely be heard. There could be numerous reasons for that. Like so many of you (I am convinced) I have a rough draft of my speech written but tend to improvise in the end. Is this a good or bad idea? It depends… I have heard several times now that researchers say that (luckily) a verbal communication counts only for 7% of the total impression you make on your audience, and the rest is a nonverbal. The bottom line is that it all counts towards your marketing and there fore you ought to be at your very best every single time – verbally and non-verbally.

So, does your presence make an impression?  To “add to the pressure”, you only have once chance to make a good first impression and only 7 seconds in which the audience decides whether you are a yay or ney. And there is one little thing that can help you make a lasting impression. It’s charisma.

What are some of the skills and characteristics that always inspire and motivate you? Share them with me on Facebook.


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