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I just came across an interesting piece that was written a few months ago by Anne Deeter Gallaher after she presented in front of executives of 50 newspapers on  how to reach their audience via social media.  She offered 13 valuable points that you can see here.

But it makes you wonder one thing: where is your audience in order to be able to reach them?

There are numerous social media outlets available and as a business owner you don’t have time to manage and fully engage in each and every one of them. You can go about it in two ways:

First one is to go with what you (think) you know:

The most obvious one to go to is Facebook. With over 800 million users (according to some sources), you have an access to your customers whether you are B2B or B2C. Just make sure you create your Business Page (and not Personal Profile) if you interact with them as your business.

LinkedIn is “the professional one” among the social media platforms and it gives you an option to connect with both, your clients and business associates. Here, too, you can create a Company Page. Recently, those pages may be pretty interactive as well. Moreover, by joining some of the numerous, common-interest based groups, you can engage in discussions and gain additional exposure. And don’t be shy to ask your connections to introduce you to theirs, or to ask for recommendations/testimonials of your work.

Many experts will argue that YouTube is the next best thing not only because of its SEO rich content, but a video (even a PowerPoint presentation of your services turned into a video) and pictures can be found through YourTube, and posted on your various sites. People always love to watch a video…

If your business is in a very visual field, like printer, Pinterest, the “new kid on the block” is the next it thing. It allows you to share photos, graphics, videos, all visual about you and your business.

Second approach requires some research on your end. James Wood of Deman Media wrote about 3 steps to do so. To quote him:

Step 1

List the words that describe your business or product. Think about how you might search for your product and what keywords would lead to your website. List at least a dozen terms, but the more you can think of, the better.

Step 2

Browse to your favorite social media site or search engine and start searching through the keywords list you created. Note any blogs or social media users that consistently use similar keywords to those identified with your organization. These are the vocal people in your target audience.

Step 3

Connect with the vocal people by following them through social media and commenting on posts. This is a relationship development, so don’t bombard people with generic advertisements. Rather, take the time to make helpful comments and interact with the vocal people in the target audience. As they reciprocate by following your posts and commenting on your items, then the silent portion of your social media target audience will follow them along.

What works for you and your business?


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