VBM Pro | Virtual Business Manager

Barbara Corcoran, the founder and former CEO of the Corcoran Group, the largest residential brokerage firm in New York, said in an interview for the Entrepreneur Magazine that an ability to create a fun and enjoyable workspace is “the most underutilized tool in the tool belt.”

But as a leader in the workspace, one is more often than not faced with another challenge – successful project management. Establishing objectives, communicating with the team, managing workload, being responsible for assigning assignments and overseeing the progress are just few of the responsibilities. But, with the utilization of the right systems, these tasks can be made easier.

Here is a list of just a few systems that are being commonly used by project managers. And, when one works with a Virtual Business Manager or a Virtual Assistant, these same systems are being utilized for collaboration.

  1. Project management and collaboration tools that allow teams and clients to manage tasks and projects:
    –       Basecamp
    –       LogMeIn
    –       MyClientSpot
    –       MyIntervals
    –       DeskAway
  2. Communication tools available are
    –       Skype
    –       LogMeIn
    –       Google Voice
    –       Facetime
    –       GoToMeeting
  3. File sharing
    –       DropBox
    –       Google Docs
    –       Apple iCloud
    –       Send This File
    –       Amazon S3
    –       Amazon Cloud Front
    –       SugarSync
  4. Screen sharing
    –       Skype
    –       Join.me
    –       CrossLoop
    –       QuickScreenShare
    –       FreeScreenSharing
    –       Vyew

The choice of the most appropriate tool of course depends on the nature and size of the project, size of the team and, nonetheless, budget as some come free of charge and some at (sometimes quite hefty) subscription.


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