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In January, the main focus of the blogs was a marketing aspect of a business. Since the month is coming to an end, I thought it would be suitable to do an overview, offer you sort of a guideline. So I did what most people do – I went online and into my private library. But it only took a few seconds to come across this wonderful article on Forbes.com that exceeded what I was looking for: how to establish yourself as an authority in your field. I decided not to reinvent the wheel; instead, I would like to offer you a summary of what Stephanie Chandler has written – in my own words and with my own comments, of course.

As you are working hard to establish yourself and your business, and to distinguish yourself from competition, a credibility and your (potential) clients’ trust are upmost important. One way to build up that trust and business relationship is to provide your target audience with useful advice, information and tips. What are your expertise, what makes you unique, what sets you apart, what is that you have that an audience wants? Here are several channels that enable you to reach your target audience, gain exposure and establish yourself as an expert:

A book: when you write a book (ebook or paper), you are immediately portrayed as an expert in your field. In addition, media will be attracted to you and this will lead to the needed exposure and buzz.

Articles, blogs, papers: writing articles, blogs and papers is a great opportunity to provide a wider audience with your expertise, opinions. It also increases a traffic to your website.

Social media: from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn, they are amazing tools to interact with your customers, offer them tips, advice, etc. A step further is YouTube – create tutorial/ info videos and feature them on your social media platforms and website. See my previous blog post on Facebook page utilization for more details on how to promote your business.

Speaking: if you enjoy speaking and performing, this one is perfect for you. It takes preparation and practice, but it is quite rewarding. Reach out to various communities in your area to start. You can also become a guest speaker on various Internet radio stations that cater to specific niche audience. You can even host your own Internet radio station.

–  Host and teach: become a teleseminar or online events host. Invite other guest speakers who can complement your expertise and offer your audience valuable educational discussions, speeches and interviews. Teaching at your local schools, colleges, learning centers, or hosting your own workshops is another way to offer your expertise to a wider audience.

Strategic alliances: endorsement is more powerful than self-praising. Connect with people who already are established within your target audience so you can cross-promote each other, send each other referrals, etc.

Just like Ms. Chandler wrote in her article, let your audience know who you are and what you have to offer. Then follow the rule #1 of integrated marketing and make sure that the message/image/branding is consistent throughout all the channels you are utilizing.


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