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Nowadays, many (small) businesses believe that having a Facebook Page is more important for their business than investing their time and money in a business website.

The biggest advantage of the Facebook Page is that it allows you to interact with the clients and customers (fans) on may levels – and we all know how important a personal interaction is in this time of all-digital. Managing your Facebook Page takes time, commitments and is myuch more complex than launching your passive website. However, what you can get out of it is so much more rewarding.

With different tabs and apps, you can communicate with your clients and customers on Q&A basis; post a video where you answer their questions, offer and advice; offer your fans discounts and coupons; post polls, contests, etc. Liza Porteus Viana wrote a wonderful piece on this topic: “Six Ways Small Businesses Can Use Facebook Tabs to generate Sales, Followers”.

There are two apps that she pointed out that will not only allow you to create a unique customer experience on your Facebook page, but will also ease the management of the Page and other social media platforms you might be using to promote your business (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube).

The fist app she lists is ShortStack: it offers widgets and other tools to enable fan interaction, engagement and, most importantly, retention. It also integrates RSS, MailChimp, Twitter and other platforms.

The second one is Voices Heard Media: it enables fan retention through polls, questionnaires, contents, etc.

To read more, see Liza’s article. If you need an advice on social media management and implementation, or need someone to do it for you, contact VBM Pro.


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