VBM Pro | Virtual Business Manager

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”
This Japanese proverb proves to be oh so true when it comes to marketing your business.

To execute the vision properly, your business needs a solid marketing plan that includes situational analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, budget and points of control. To properly implement the plan and to provide all the marketing activities with a purpose, direction and structure, you then need a MARKETING IMPLEMENTATION CALENDAR.

If you look at the attached marketing implementation calendar template, you will see that it is divided in different sections.  Marketing implementation is a complex process that is integrated in every aspect of your business – from product packaging and distribution (or delivery of your services) to pricing and promotion. A successful marketing bases on integrated marketing communications, which means that the message and impressions are consistent through all the channels (personnel, facilities and actions).

To achieve the cohesiveness, marketing managers and business owners utilize marketing calendars and identify specific activities that need to be performed throughout the year, determine the required timeline and prioritize the activities. Once the timing is established, a responsibility to execute the activities is assigned. Sometimes the responsibility falls on one or more employees, a team, managers, even departments. Depending on the company and activities, timeline and goals, the implementation of the plan and calendar (even their development) can simply be outsourced. 

Click here to get a free template of a Monthly Marketing Implementation Calendar.


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